Meet the team

Dr Clare Watson - Director

Clare oversees the staff team and all operations at MACE.  She also provides strategic leadership and manages stakeholder relationships as well as being responsible for fundraising and project delivery. She taught film archiving at post-graduate level and has delivered training programmes to new entrants and professionals. Most recently, she managed the London’s Screen Archives.

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Richard Shenton - Archive Manager

Richard manages the day to day activity at the archive and makes sure everything runs like clockwork. He is also the person to talk to if you have film, video tape or digital files that you would like us to consider for inclusion in the region's moving image collection.  

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A head and shoulders image of Phil Leach, MACE's senior curator.

Phil Leach - Senior Curator

Phil has an encyclopedic knowledge of MACE's collection, which stands him in good stead as our researcher in chief and cataloguer. He also produces archive-based programmes and compilations as well as managing the themes pages on the site.

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A head and shoulders image of Eliza Richardson. MACE's head of commercial relationships.

Eliza Richardson - Head of Archive Access

Eliza has been with MACE since 2012 and manages the licensing of footage from the collections. From the moment you make the first call to the delivery of the material Eliza is on hand to provide help and advice.  

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A head and shoulders image of Lara Reid, MACE's Finance and Marketing Manager.

Lara Reid - Finance

Lara brings bags of experience from the small business sector.   

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A head and shoulders image of Kayla Thompson, a senior technician at MACE.

Kayla Thompson - Senior Technician

A lover of small gauge film and a coaxer of the best quality copies from ragged and shrunk originals. Kayla came to us from Canada via the University of East Anglia where she achieved an MA in Film Archiving. Her great organisational skills mean that she is able to juggle her ever-changing deadlines with apparent ease.

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A head and shoulders image of Sue Winn, an assistant curator at MACE.

Sue Winn - Assistant Curator

A film archiving all-rounder who did her time at the National Film and Television Archive and at the British Universities Film and Video Council as well as one of London's leading facilities houses. Sue is mostly involved in sorting, viewing, selecting and copying collections for special projects.

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