Welcome to the MACE screening room, the place where we can get together and show off some of the highlights of the collection. Linking titles by theme is a great way of making sense of the tens of thousands of films that MACE cares for. Whether looking for inspiration for your next project or simply enjoying a browse this is the place to be. Please drop us a line if there is a particular avenue you would like us to explore as we continue to bring this ever expanding archive to life.

  • Do You Believe in Ghosts?

    The combination of imagination and reality- people's voices about real haunted events in Midlands factories and buildings and the exploration of...

  • Freedom Wheels

    Celebrating pedal power with a look at bicycles in the collection.

  • Hammer and Sweat

    Working in metal from forging to casting. The Midlands has a long and proud heritage in metals from the pioneers at Coalbrookdale in Shropshire...

  • Life on the Home Front

    With sandbags and stirrup pumps the defence of the nation rested on the brave defenders of the Home Front.

  • The Right To Protest

    Dissent and disagreement from across the region as the public go forth with placards and banners.

  • This Is Where I Belong

    From high rise to pre-fabs and the inescapable rise of the shopping precinct. We look at the post-war rebuilding of our towns and cities.

  • Unlocking Film Heritage

    Over the last few years we've been busy copying films for inclusion on the British Film Institute's rather wonderful BFI Player. Here...

  • Voice of the People

    The true voice of the street? What did the Midlander think of the issues of the day. We are all familiar with the television vox pop - that short...

  • What Can You See?

    A personal window onto the past, these beautiful amateur films digitally preserved with support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund show rarely...

  • What's New at MACE?

    Here at MACE we're dedicated to getting more material on-line and seen. Hopefully, our latest uploads can help you disappear down the many...

  • Working the Fields

    From hops to tulips the farming heritage of the Midlands. With a large and diverse agricultural heritage farming appears throughout the collection...