What's New at MACE?

Here at MACE we're dedicated to getting more material on-line and seen. Hopefully, our latest uploads can help you disappear down the many rabbit holes of discovery that a wide-ranging archive collection can provide. Putting a few of them together here helps show the scope of what we're proud to preserve and save for the future. This time we're looking at, what the media have been calling this summer, the 'staycation'. Of course, in years gone-by a UK holiday was never considered to be a poor second-best as the foreign holiday was a luxury out of reach of most - that rich history of the British holiday is something that shines through in our home movie collections - despite the weather being a constant headache! The delightfully titled 'Wordsworth's Lake in a Dismal Mood' being one such example. We can venture further afield though, with film of Aston Villa's trip to the Crimea to play Dynamo Kiev in the 1982 European Cup. The standard of the hotel being one of the main talking points for Central News in what is a fascinating glimpse behind the 'Iron Curtain'. From around the same time, we also have, that relatively rare item - a home movie of working life - in this case film shot by John Robinson at two collieries in Nottinghamshire.