What's New at MACE?

Here at MACE we're dedicated to getting more material on-line and seen. Hopefully, our latest uploads can help you disappear down the many rabbit holes of discovery that a wide-ranging archive collection can provide. Putting a few of them together here helps show the scope of what we're proud to preserve and save for the future. It's not just news events in our ever growing collection of regional television - how about the much maligned British Rail sandwich or a fitness scheme for young job seekers at Aston Villa's training ground? You may be deep into a series of 'The Crown' but there's no disputing the historical accuracy of watching the real thing and we've just uploaded the Queen's visit to Rugby School in 1967 so you can see what she was really wearing in the 'swinging sixties'. Continuing the long line of home movies we're also showcasing wonderfully colourful carnivals filmed in Pinxton by Ernest Bacon. We hope that you enjoy this random snapshot of our on-going archival exploration!