On this page you can find information about how MACE can support your studies, academic research and teaching and how you can help us preserve the region's film and video heritage. You can also pick up tips about how to look after your own collections of film and videotape and discover more about our range of DVDs.  .  

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Students, Research & Teaching

As important cultural artefacts and historical documents, moving images have become an essential tool for research, teaching and learning. For this reason MACE is very keen for its collections to be used by students, teachers and academics from all disciplines and subject areas both in the UK and overseas.  Find out more...

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Find out more about our extensive range of DVDs featuring material from our collection. Relive the heydays of ATV, or take a look back at Birmingham's transformation from back to back housing from 1955 - 1975.

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Donating material

One of MACE's aims is to ensure that the screen heritage of the Midlands can be researched and enjoyed.  To do this we have developed a collection of moving image materials that relate to the region.    

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Preservation tips

If you have a collection of film or video tape we can offer advice on how to look after it, how to correctly store the different formats and how to safely deal with flammable cellulose nitrate film.