MACE has produced a number of award winning DVDs featuring a range of material from the archive. These range from DVDs that focus on specific regions of the Midlands, such as Derbyshire on Filmto those that explore less geographically specific subjects including From Headlines to Tight-Lines, which tells the story of the Birmingham based television company ATV. These discs offer an insight into the region's collection through compilations of rare archive footage, home movies, commercial films, news reports and exclusive interviews.

Black and white image of a man overlooking the Peak District.


Titles with a specific regional focus, perfect for those wanting to see places that they knew in the past or those wanting to know more about what makes the people and places of the Midlands unique.

Image of a ATV news camera.

TV nostalgia 

A reminder that Birmingham was once a centre of regional and network television production.  These DVDs tell the story of the Birmingham based television company ATV.

Image of motorbikes being displayed at a trade show.

Thematic Compilations

Titles that cover a range of different themes and topics including Birmingham's motorcycle industry, the east midlands textile industry, and the Cold War.