Adding to the region's collection

If you have film, videotape or digital files that you're not sure what to do with then please contact us.  

One of the Media Archive for Central England's primary aims is to provide access to the screen heritage of the Midlands, so that people from the region and beyond can enjoy and study this diverse area through the window provided by old moving images.  To achieve this MACE encourages people and organisations that have film, videotape or digital files to consider depositing them with us.  Once here they can be cared for professionally with a view to them keeping the past alive through their continued use.   

We have to geographically limit the scope of the collection but the definition of what we can collect is broad: moving images that show the life and activities of Midlands' organisations and individuals at home and abroad are as important to us as those that record the way in which the region has physically changed.  A record of the changing pattern of Midlanders on holiday is as important to the understanding of the region as, for instance, the demolition of a church.     

In view of this all filmed materials could be important, so please do not assume that your collection is not significant or relevant enough to be considered for inclusion within the regional collection.  Contact us and we can advise you what to do next.   

This might be transferring the collection to MACE so that we can assess the content and condition of the material.  

If it meets our selection criteria we would normally look to formally add them to the ever expanding regional moving image collection in our care.  

At this point we will discuss with you the terms under which you would like to deposit the collection. The different standard agreement models are below:

The donation agreement is for individuals and organisations that own the rights in their moving image collection and want to transfer ownership of the physical object and the rights in the materials to MACE. Please refer to the third clause in the agreement for further details.   

The extended license deposit agreement is for individuals and organisations that own the rights in their moving image collection, want to retain these rights but would like MACE to make decisions about how the material is used in the future.  Please refer to the third clause in the agreement for further details.  

The limited license deposit agreement is for individuals and organisations that own the rights in their moving image collection, want to retain these rights and would like to decide how it is used in the future. Please refer to the third clause in the agreement for further details.  

If you do not own the rights in the collection then you will need to complete an alternative agreement. We can discuss this if you chose to deposit material with MACE.