Thematic DVDs

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Black and white image of a worker at a shoe factory.

Bits Stuck Anywhere: The Decline of BSA and the Birmingham Motorcycle Industry

From the post-war boom years of mass produced motorcycles to the 1970s when motorcycle giant BSA faced closure and the auction of its assets.


Black and white image of a female worker in the textile industry.

Clothing the Nation: The East Midlands Textile Industry

This compilation remembers the boom years, and reflects on the work of the textile machinist which was both an art-form and a way of life. 


Image of a projectionist and projector.

From Picture Palace to the Multiplex: Cinemas in the Midlands

This nostalgic compilation of archive film, is a look back at the shared experience of a night at the flicks.


Image of a canal bridge.

Life on the Cut

Looking back at the final days of freight transportation in the 1960s and the fight to save our canal heritage.


Black and white image of a sign reading "Beware of Trains".

The Last Train to Woodford Halse

Remembering the lost stations and lines that didn’t survive the modernisation of British Railways in the 1960s.


Image of a young Sebastian Coe at an athletics track.

The Sporting Midlands

With the success of the 2012 London Olympic Games we look back at the Midlands history of the games.


Image of a red bus.

Top Deck Tales

Remembering the days when Midland Red buses ruled the roads of the region and the Bull Ring bus station was an exciting new development.