What’s on in Newham - Nothing?

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A video produced by Jubilee Arts for Newham council in which local young people talk about what they can and can't do in the London borough of Newham.





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Colour / Sound




Jubilee Arts

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A series of young people make a statement to camera, speaking as the older generation.

Title: This video was made with a group of young people about what they can and can’t do in central Newham.
Boy wanders around empty streets, music track is a song with a chorus of "It’s boring" Buildings are dilapidated, the boy looks quite sad. He eventually meets his friends and seems much happier.
Kids talk together about what could be done to improve the borough - Leisure centres etc.
Shots of West Ham park, kids talk about the restrictions in place for kids
Youth club - teenage girls complain about the facilities in the club - snooker tables etc.
Talk about the possibility of different clubs. Asian girl talks about her social life, how she’s not allowed out very much.

A series of questions are posed, the teenagers answer them looking directly at the camera.


Produced as part of public consultation for the Central Newham Local Plan

Thanks to Lister Community School, Neville Road Youth Club, The Abyssinians, Stratford Youth Theatre, Dave Watts the music man.

Produced by Cultural Partnerships Ltd. & Jubilee

Additional material by N.E.L.P. AVTS

Department of Planning and Architecture, London Borough of Newham, April 1985


Tape 20