VE Day Party at Colwick


A party held at Colwick in Nottinghamshire to celebrate V.E. Day. Filmed by Charles Horrell.





Film type:

Black & White / Silent


Amateur Film

Master format:



The film uses intertitles to explain events. We see men in an office looking at plans and a woman typing. "Remember That Grass". Men cutting grass with shears and a petrol mower, and putting up a pub sign 'Yacht Inn'. "Last minute jobs". We see sign writing and audio equipment being tested. "At last the guests arrive". People sit in deck chairs at the outdoor party - a lot of children are also present. "Mr F. Beesley makes his address". "Punch & Judy delight young and old". Children watching a Punch and Judy show. "Flat race for young ladies". A girls race. "Mr Northcott says Do As I Tell You". Children taking part in a game with a man. "Tug of war up the Eldons". Men in a tug of war competition. "Sack race for young men". "Sack race for young ladies". "Drunks race! Very popular". Men picking up drinks from an outdoor table, downing them as fast as possible and then running a short distance to a marker and back. A clock then shows 6.00pm. "Mr Cunningham makes a very important announcement". We then see two men with drinks (is the announcement that the pubs are now open?) "And so the party went on far into the night".


Recorded by Charles Horrell


VE Day is celebrated on 8 May. A calendar seen in the office whilst last-minute preparations are being made shows Friday 20 July, which suggests that the party took place during the 21 and 22 July. The film maker worked for BP - the location may be connected to the oil industry.