Vann: Random Shots 1934-5


Home movie compilation shot by James Vann from Leicester that includes the city as well as trips to Derbyshire and Skegness.





Film type:

Black & White / Silent


Home Movie

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The film includes some inter-titles. "Playing Kum Back". Two men in a field next to a factory playing a racket sport that is similar to swing-ball. We then people attempting to feed a goat (which is standing on a crate) in a field next to tennis courts. We then cut to a back garden for a social gathering. Two women play catch and a man arrives with a tray of drinks. This is followed by views of a fairground busy with people and rides. A Pat Collins roundabout and rides including waltzers and side shows are visible.

"Around Derbyshire". View of buildings at Cromford followed by scenic shots around the Peak District including traffic ascending the steep Via Gellia road and a farmer with cattle. "Bradgate Park". People walking and cycling in the Leicestershire park on a busy day. "Family Shots". A group of people pose for the camera and stand outside in a group and smoke cigarettes. We then see people walking along the sea front and beach at Skegness - horse pulls the motor boat 'Underwood' from the sea, followed by scenes on a very busy Skegness boating lake with rowers jostling each other for space.

"Braunstone Airport". A public event at the Leicester aerodrome with aircraft on display (the official opening was on 13 July 1935, although this may be another event). Spectators crowd around to look at the aircraft including two De Havilland Dragons and a Leopard Moth. The next sequence shows animals at Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire. This is followed by a works party with quite a large group filmed indoors joking for the camera. The final sequence is of an Armistice Day parade in Leicester culminating in a gathering of soldiers outside De Montfort Hall and parading in Victoria Park and people standing next to the temporary war memorial in Town Hall Square.


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Notes that came with the film give an extra location of Shepshed which may be the location of the funfair (or possibly the goat). The temporary war memorial in Town Hall Square was unveilled in 1917 and demolished in 1954.