Timpson Fine Shoes

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The manufacture of shoes by Timpson at their North Park, Kettering and Corby factories.





Film type:

Colour / Sound



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Opening shot shows exterior of North Park factory in Kettering followed by a display of finished shoes. The first section shows a designer using a wooden last and paper template to produce a design for a new shoe. The leather buyer is shown checking samples and selecting materials. We then see the factory floor where the leather for the uppers is either cut by hand or for some shoes with a hydraulic press. Operators use sewing machines to stitch leather together and add eyelets to the uppers. Next we see the production of leather and rubber souls and insoles and then the sorting of components in preparation of the final assembly. Part two shows the assembly of shoes beginning with cemented shoes on a conveyor production line followed by welted shoes and then moulded shoes. The final section shows the shoes being cleaned, sprayed, laced and then boxed. The film ends with another exterior views of the Kettering works.


Photography: Michael Walden


An opening caption states that the film was shot at the North Park Kettering and Corby factories although Corby is not named in the commentary.