Scenes in Glossop


Scenes of Glossop in Derbyshire.





Film type:

Black & White / Silent


Phantom Ride

Master format:



We see Glossop filmed from the front of a tram heading west along the High Street. The final shot is a slow pan showing several factories, mills and the Electric Palace cinema.


No credits specified


The film was found by Jim Campbell and Paul Turnock in a skip.

The date of this film has been discussed at some length. It was originally dated at 1909 by the Mike Brown of the Glossop Heritage Centre. This was based on research conducted into the buildings that appear in it. However, he has adjusted this estimate after identifying the white building that appears towards the end of the film as the Electric Palace cinema which opened on 3 December 1911. Mike believes that the film was shot during the summertime because there are leaves on the trees which would mean that the earliest it could have been shot is the summer of 1912.

The matter is complicated by a suggestion made by an academic who specialises in the history of costumes who put the date of the film back to pre 1905. Mike countered this stating that fashion in Glossop would have lagged behind the mainstream.

The building that was originally the Electric Palace was demolished in March 2006.