Rights Not Wrongs

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A video made by the Birmingham Trade Union Resource Centre that encourages young people to join a trade union and fight for their rights.





Film type:

Colour / Sound


Trade Union Resource Centre

Master format:

U-matic Hi band


Animated Steve Bell cartoons are utilised to introduce themes.
Mark and Michelle France, unemployed young adults in Birmingham, voice their frustrations at training schemes that offer no prospect of future employment. Michelle goes on to describe the lack of decent accommodation on offer to people receiving social security benefits.

Dawn Chappell, Kate King and Sue Mason at the Open Door Unemployed Centre, Sheffield explain how people receiving social security can find out about their entitlements.

Dave Roberts, Brent Unemployed Workers Centre, London describes the educational work the centre do. We see Mr. Roberts talking to a group of older teenagers in a classroom and young men on a YTS woodworking scheme. Sarah Bartlett, a Painter & Decorator at the Chapel Green Community Project, Sheffield details the sexist attitudes she’s come up against in her job.

Mark O’Neill works as a Play leader in West London. We see children petting animals and playing in an adventure playground as he talks about the importance of being in a union when it comes to negotiating working hours and holiday entitlements. Dawn Fellowes and Julie Sheldon, clerical officers in Birmingham, describe the events that led to her union organising a strike. Nick Hostettler, a furniture porter in Central London talks about the poor terms and conditions offered to people working in service industries.


Thanks to:
Sarah Bartlett, Dawn Chappell, Martin Cloake, Dawn Fellowes, Mark France, Michelle France, Michael Golden, Nick Hostettler, Kate King, Sue Mason, Deirdre O’Flaherty, Mark O’Neill, Mark Roberts, Julie Sheldon
Open Door Unemployed Centre, Brent Unemployed Workers’ Centre, Chapel Green Community Project, Birmingham City Council Rates Dept., Picture Post, Broadcast Facilities North, Picturehead, Studio Film Labs, Mag Masters, Bob Godfrey Films Limited, The Barge

Animation Production:
Lynn Anderson, Jean Ashby, John Bennet, Steve Bell, Angela Bristow, Lou Catling, Bridget Colgan-Connor, John Cousen, Kate Cowan, John Challis, Christine Dawe, Wendy Ellis, Lucy Elvin, Jimmy Farrington, Tony Fish, Julian Gibbs, Beryl Godfrey, Bob Godfrey, Jeff Goldner, Sally Grace, Denise Hambry, Malcolm Hartley, Mike Hayes, Peter Hearn, Simon Ward-Horner, The Joeys, Jenny Lecoat, Sarah Malthouse, Simon Moon, Les Newstead, Sidney Parsons, Stephanie Peate, Paul Rosevear, Pat Shaveren, Rose Shephard, Kevin Smith, Rick Villeneuve, Bill Wallis, Roy Watford, Sue Way

Documentary Production:
Trevor Boden, Robbie Burns, Maggie Ellis, Marion Hall, Roger Kline, Dave Rushton, Jack Shea, Mike Wools, Peter Woodhouse

And our Sponsors:
Greater London Council, West Midlands County Council, Sheffield City Council, National & Local Government Officers Association (NALGO) and Channel 4

Made by the Birmingham Trade Union Resource Centre