Richards: Kettering 1945 - 1948


Events in Kettering between 1945 and 1948 filmed by C.W. Richards.





Film type:

Black & White / Silent


Amateur Film

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This compilation film includes intertitles. Further details came from written notes about the film's contents. The first section covers events in Kettering during 1945 and 1946. A World War II victory parade from Kettering to Wicksteed Park includes US forces as well as the RAF, WRAF, Royal Navy, Civil Defence and Girl Guides. This is followed by the Home Guard on drill practice, a sequence which ends with them drinking beer. Preceded by the intertitle 'Peace Once Again' we then see VE Day celebrations in Kettering town centre on 8 May 1945 including effigies of Adolf Hitler.

There is then a record of evacuees returning to London on 24 June 1945 as we see children with suitcases boarding buses and waiting on a railway station platform where they receive lunch in a bag. Views of Anderson air-raid shelters and Nissen huts follows. Northamptonshire Fire Service rescue a cat from a tree using a ladder. This is followed by shots of air-raid shelters being demolished and women standing in a bread queue, making the point that rationing continues even if peace has been declared. We then move into 1947 and efforts to clear heavy snow in Kettering, which is followed by the inevitable thaw and floods.

This is followed by shots of a motor boat under construction (C. Dobson's 'Cytringam') and then views of greyhound racing at Kettering including bookmakers in action. We then see the opening of the British Legion Hall by T.N. Bird followed by an outing to Whipsnade Zoo. The next section shows the mayor of Kettering, Councillor J. R. Sadler, posing for the camera with a Chelsea pensioner (Mr Cooper) and views of a military parade to mark Battle of Britain Sunday. The final section shows events in Kettering in 1948 and we open with the Mayor's Sunday Parade which is followed by views of a carnival held on 19 June 1948 (the first since 1939). We see sports events and a parade which includes shots of the carnival queen.


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The Home Guard was stood down on 3 December 1944 and disbanded on 31 December 1945.