The Raleigh School of Cycling


Bicycle manufacturer Raleigh opens its School of Cycling, which is designed to teach children how to ride safely on the road.





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Black & White / Sound



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The inaugral meeting of Raleigh's School of Cycling at Nottingham's Palais de Dance on April 14th 1955 is opened with a speech made by the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Mr J. A. Boyd-Carpenter MP. We see John Boyd-Carpenter arriving for the event with the Raleigh Chairman George Wilson. After the speech we see children who have passed their cycling proficiency test as part of Nottingham City Police School riding their bikes inside the dance hall and professional cyclist Reg Harris then rides his track bike on rollers as part of a demonstration. At the end of the meeting attention switches to Raleigh's premises in Nottingham where children are being registered on to the course. The film then follows two of these children (Pat and Adrian) as they work their way through the course ending with an assessment by members of the Cycle Touring Club. We then see the children learning about maintenance of their machines and being presented with a badge to attach to their handle bars.


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