A Place To Call Our Own


How can house building projects avoid past problems? Eco visits Hyson Green in Nottingham where 1960s flats are being demolished and a project at Lewisham in London where residents are building their own homes.





Film type:

Colour / Sound




Central Television

Master format:

1 Inch Type C


We see a 1960s housing development in the Hyson Green area of Nottingham which has fallen into decline and is scheduled for demolition. Several residents are interviewed about the poor conditions on the estate. Councillor Nigel Green is interviewed and we also see shots of demolition (and taking place in other unnamed areas).

There are concerns that as unpopular estates are demolished they will only be replaced by equally unpopular new developments. One answer to this problem is to consult local people about what they really want. Urban planner Tony Gibson is interviewed and shows a map system that he uses to enable residents to design their own living space.

We then visit Lewisham in London where flats have been replaced by a new scheme of self-build houses inspired by the Swiss architect Walter Segal. Interviewed are: Ken Jones who has built one of the properties himself and architect Jon Broome about the design. We also hear from other residents, see stills of the houses being put together and shots of the finished homes.

Back in Hyson Green at a tenants meeting local people are seen discussing the future of their estate and we see more exterior shots of the Hyson Green flats. Finally Councillor Malcolm Wood (Housing Chairman 1983 - May 1987) is interviewed.


Commentary by James Bellini
Cameraman - Julian White
Sound - Phil Middleham, Tony Cartwright
Production Assistant - Jenny Wright
Production Secretary - Annie Clarke
Research - Simon Bailey
Film Editor - Ken Jones
Producer - Vivica Parsons
Director - Nick Davidson


Central Television production number 1172/87.