More Life on the Street

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A series of short dramas filmed in Birmingham.





Film type:

Colour / Sound



Master format:

Betacam SP


PALS Arts and Media
Urban Culture
Promoting Arts Access

Lots 2
More Life on the Street
Passenger eye view as a car drives around Birmingham City Centre.

Pressure in the House
A tabloid talk show parody. A family talk about their problems on ‘The Michael Mass Show’. Includes short dramatic scenes

Street Life
Drama about a young homeless man alone in a city.

Ruff Weather
We see the young man from ‘Street Life’ turning his life around.


Cast in order of appearance
Michael Mass: Michael Henry
T: Ricky Mohammed
Kemi: Ayesha Lambert
Remi: Shantel Folarin
Peng: Tasco Lambert
George / Marcus: Marcus Aserie
J: Idera Lambert
Homeless Youth: Amaric Belgrave
Streetwise Youth: Fashola Fagohungbe
Hostel Worker: Kimara Belgrave
Trainee Hostel Worker: Nadine Belgrave
Violent Youth: Nicholas Webb
Walk-on Artist 1: Franky Mwangi
Walk-on Artist 2: Lynette Freeth
Friend: Drew Cullen
Mrs George: Trisha Henry
Sister: Juanita Johnson

'Urban Colours' : Ronke Fadare (Pilot), Dean Gray (Styler), Irene Kush (Fudge), Vicky Hawkesford (Vixen), Marcus Aserie (Generator)
Music Producer: Michael Henry

Help the Ones
Sung, Written and Arranged by
Marcus Aserie (Generator)
Additional vocals
Irene Kush (fudge), Ricky Mohammed (Black Hurricane), Fashola Fagbohungbe, Duane Lynch (Black Vibration)

Pressure in the House
Sung, Written and Arranged by
Marcus Aserie, Irene Kush, Duane Lynch, Tasco Lambert, Idera Lambert, Ayesha Lambert, Shantel Folarin

Ruff Weather
Sung, Written and Arranged by
Ricky Mohammed
Additional Vocals
Nadine Belgrave, Fashola Fagohungbe

Street Life
Written by Randy Crawford / Crusaders
Adapted, Sung, Written and Arranged by Fashola Fagohungbe
Additional Vocals
Nadine Belgrave, Ricky Mohammed

Haqiqat Ali, Patsy Fox, Trisha Henry, Lynette Freeth & Group

Production Crew: Lynette Freeth, Haqiqat Ali, Patsy Fox, Trisha Henry, Ricky Mohammed, Drew Cullen, Fashola Fagohungbe, Marcus Aserie, Nicholas Webb, Jamila Ben Rabha, Tasco Lambert, Emma Blackburn

Avid Directors: Lynette Freeth, Haqiqat Ali, Ricky Mohammed, Fashola Fagohungbe, Nicholas Webb

Producer: Lynette Freeth
Project Design & Research: Rachael Cox, Jamila Ben Rabha

Supported by
Birmingham City Council, Paul Hamlyn foundation, National Lottery, West Midlands Probation Service, Barclays Bank, VIVID, Pals ID Recordings Network

Thanks to
Marian Hall - VIVID
Lonnie West - 2007 Sound & Light
St. Martin’s Youth & Community Centre
Black CAt Cafe
Friends Institute

Pals Arts & Media
supported by the National Lottery through The Arts Council of England
Birmingham City Council