Midland Montage: 24.05.1962: Royal Visit to the Midlands


Today and tomorrow the Queen is visiting the Midlands. Included in her trip will be a visit to Coventry to consecrate the new cathedral.





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Black & White / Sound



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Library shots of recent royal visits: Queen Elizabeth II inspecting soldiers in Corby (19 June 1961); Princess Margaret in a marquee; Duke of Edinburgh in Coventry (15 July 1960); and the Queen Mother in Birmingham (1 November 1961).

Shots of leather saddles being made in Walsall and a view of a busy street in the town. Lionel Hampden talks to the Chief Constable of Walsall Borough Police, Kenneth Wherly about the plans for the visit. He uses a map to explain the route and talks about the need for four hundred officers to cover the visit. Brief further library shots of royal visits and a Birmingham police inspection. We also see a shot of the interior of the Crabtree electronics factory in Walsall which is on the itinerary.

We then see a little girl trying on her dress for the occasion and practising her curtsey in a school hall (this is likely to be six-year-old Lynn Masefield who greeted the Queen with a posy at Wolverhampton railway station on the day of the visit). Lionel them talks to the Coventry Town Clerk, Charles Barratt about the large numbers of visitors expected in the city. He also talks about the provision of public toilets and extra car parks. Some shots have been removed but we see a view of Coventry Cathedral with the temporary seating under construction for the consecration, a brief view of buses and shots of the mobile toilet block.


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