Máire O’Shea is Innocent

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A short video publicising the arrest of Dr. Máire O’Shea, a consultant psychiatrist at the John Connolly Hospital in Birmingham under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.





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Dr. Máire O’Shea was arrested 5th January 1985 under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and charged with conspiracy to cause an explosion. She was released on bail 8th February.

We see demonstrators holding placards protesting the arrest of Dr. O’Shea. A series of interviews follow which were shot at Dr O'Shea's home in Sparkhill. A member of the Máire O’Shea support committee states her belief in the doctor’s innocence. Another member talks about the Labour Party - it’s opposition to the Prevention of Terrorism Act and the support its given the committee. One of Dr. O’Shea’s patients describes how treatment by the doctor changed her for the better. Máire’s daughter is interviewed about the protests she organised against the local Health Authority when it instructed her mother to stop working. We hear from Dr. O’Shea herself as she puts forward the view that her membership in the ‘Irish in Britain Representation Group’ could be seen as a threat by the British state. A member of Aston’s Health Service branch raises the issue of the Doctor’s ill health. A member of the Labour party talks about the Prevention of Terrorism Act and the case itself.


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The exact charges are not mentioned in the video, but they relate to the bombing of the home of retired SAS lieutenant colonel Brian Baty at King's Pyon in Herefordshire. Dr O'Shea faced a trial in February 1986 and was fully acquitted. She later campaigned on behalf of the Guildford four and Birmingham six. She died in 1995.