Living in the 80's

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Teenagers and young adults talk about their lives in and around Dudley.





Film type:

Colour / Sound




Jubilee Arts

Master format:

U-matic SP


The video is a series of interviews and vox pops with young people. We open with a title song - lyrics: "Living in the 80s. I don't want to die in the 80s". We are then introduced to the locations with a young presenter standing with teenagers outside firstly Coseley Youth Centre, then Wren's Nest Youth Centre and finally Leasowes Community College. At Leasowes a group of boys have created a graffiti wall which is seen. They live in Halesowen and are dismissive of the area and its opportunities. Captions give the subjects under discussion: jobs, girls, leisure, boredom, violence, politics and drugs. The jobs section includes another song about the Youth Opportunities Scheme. The girls section is a series of artworks about female identity. At Gornal we join a group of teenagers who act out a sketch about the boredom they face watching the local buses and counting paving slabs. They are positive about the community feel of Gornal despite the lack of opportunities. At the end we see the (unnamed) band who are teenage boys at the Coseley club who play the title song again.


Produced as part of a pilot communication arts project jointly organised by Jubilee Arts and Dudley Youth Service
Thanks to youth leaders and young people from the Wren’s Nest girls group, Coseley Youth Centre, Lower Gornal Youth Centre, Leasowes Community College Youth Club

Funding provided by West Midlands Arts and Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council