Jubilee Arts: Workshop in Poland

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An arts workshop which took place in Chlewiska, Poland.





Film type:

Colour / Sound



Master format:

Super VHS


Part 01:
Group of young men and women stand together and are conducted en masse, making a low humming noise the gets louder and louder till it becomes a cry.
Head title: Wladza Dla Wyobrazni ('Power for Imagination')
‘Pierwsze’ ‘Miedzy’ ‘Narodowe’ ‘Warsztaty’ ‘Tworcze’ ‘Chlewiska’ 90’
Google translate: 'First Between National Workshops Creative Chlewiska ‘90' (Polish town)
Workshops mostly take place in the open air, involving nature, lots of self expression, freeform mark making etc. At one point blindfolded participants sit opposite one another at a table and touch one another's hands.

Part 02:
Young boys and girls speaking Polish, smiling for the camera. Kids are excited, camera moves about a lot. The action appears to be taking place in a dilapidated building. Kids are painting pictures on the walls. Older Polish teenagers sit in a room together, chatting and laughing. Teenagers sculpt faces from clay. Cutting out paper chains.


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