Jubilee Arts: Vote; Production Material

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Material for a documentary exploring young adults' relationship with politics and voting.





Film type:

Colour / Sound

Master format:

Super VHS


Interview with Betty Boothroyd in Westminster (poor sound). Unedited shots of Houses of Parliament, Oxford Circus, Interviews with young adults about their voting habits. Two women sit in a garden and reminisce about the first time they voted. Vox Pops in the street (poor sound).
Footage from a short drama piece: a young man gets his polling card through the post, leading him to think seriously about voting.
A series of anti Tory advertisements - targeting the party’s record on the NHS, state pensions, crime figures, and education. Local dignitaries give their opinions on why young people should vote. Stills of posters from the ‘Anti Election Alliance’. Stills of newspaper headlines about political parties and leaders. More shots of Westminster. Betty Boothroyd interview (better sound). Interviews with young adults.


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