Jubilee Arts: Unedited Drama Production

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Production material for a thriller / drama production, title unknown.





Film type:

Colour / Sound



Master format:

U-matic Lo band


Part 01:
We can hear the actor being directed from behind the camera. A young woman is alone in a house. She appears withdrawn and sad. Shots of her reading a book; getting home to a dark house; curled up on a sofa. Close up of names and numbers in an address book, a finger scrolls down to a boys name scribbled out, ‘Bastard’ written underneath it. The woman makes a phone calls. Lots of takes. (Brief shot of a young man on the phone too).

Part 02:
The young woman makes a phone call, then answers the phone - the director can be heard in the background throughout.. She uses push button phone. numerous takes. Can hear director saying 'Action' as a bird is held in place then released, surprising the woman who appears to fall down the stairs. Shots of the woman lying on the stairs, twitching. Close ups of her head shaking.
Close up of the actors eye, pulling back to see her face. Shots of woman lying on the living room carpet. Camera pans down from ceiling to floor of the living room, revealing a man standing in the doorway. Excerpt from a Peter Cushing ‘Hammer Horror’ type movie. Camera moves up stairs and around the landing to a bedroom door.

Also, a brief excerpt from ‘Havin' We Say - A Play for Wednesbury and an interview with teenage boys.


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