Jubilee Arts: On the Town, Cradley Interviews; Part 1

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A camera tape for the Jubilee Arts oral history project 'On the Town' shot at the Netherton Neighbourhood Centre.





Film type:

Colour / Sound


Oral History

Master format:

U-matic Hi band


Session one recorded 16 February 1988. Unedited camera material. A group of older people talk about their early years with an emphasis on childhood games. Lily Taylor describes living on Spring Street and how she had to get her younger sisters and brothers ready for school which often made her late for her own lessons. She talks about her father who was a chain maker. The second contributor grew up in Smethwick, her father was a sales rep and she remembers outdoor childhood play. The third interviewee was born in 1914 and just remembers the celebrations at the end of the First World War. She also talks about playing in a large attic room at home and her family were friends with the Chamberlain family. A fourth woman remembers playing doctors and nurses and meeting her husband (who also contributes) whilst visiting a farm at Shelsley Walsh. Finally another woman talks about growing up in Dudley Wood which felt rural at the time. A general discussion about visiting the cinema, buying monkey nuts, eating fruit and making rugs and quilts follows.


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Tape 49