Jubilee Arts: Sugar Massive; Smethwick Interviews; Guided Tour

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An unedited Jubilee Arts camera tape containing Interviews with the singer Sugar Massive, Smethwick residents, and a guided tour of Smethwick.





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Colour / Sound

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Super VHS


The tape opens with a short interview with Beverley, the fiancé of musician Sugar Massive (Dave Melbourne).
She talks about wanting to get into fashion designing. Followed by an interview with Sugar Massive. Topics include his career prospects, racism in the music business, a divided black community.

We the cut to a local history event in Smethwick. Two elderly women talk about when they were young - taking picnics to a pool just outside Smethwick, going dancing, the better food they ate back then.

We return to Sugar Massive who is seen singing in a studio.

Returning to the Smethwick event there are a series of pieces to camera from local people. Two young boys talk about litter in Smethwick. Go on to talk about the bad reputation the town has. They talk about learning from different colours and races. The lack of music shops - how it would be nice to have the opportunity to listen to the music of other cultures. The way the police treat children. They are followed by members of the Smethwick Local History Society - Steve Camm, (Vice chairman) and Mary Bodfish (Record keeper). Two women talk about the changes they’ve seen in Smethwick over the years - the lack of quality shops on the high street. Interview with Steve and Richard, disabled people with mobility problems. Steve talks about the project they’re involved in, visiting various public buildings around Smethwick to check access. Steve and Richard are interviewed separately about their lives and ambitions.
David and Les (interviewed at an art gallery in Smethwick) talks about how it has changed. David mentions the help ‘The Mind Centre’ has given him. Juliet Asari (?) cafe owner in Smethwick - business is very slow. Was previously a social worker - tends to council people in her cafe. Chris Jones, arts worker for Jubilee Arts. His asthma has got worse since he moved to Smethwick, he thinks this is due to pollution from heavy industry. The lack of street lighting makes women feel unsafe, leads to an unofficial curfew.

A group of teenagers go on a guided bicycle tour of Smethwick. Their guide stands at a high point and points out Smethwick high street, railway line, The Thomas Telford and Smeaton canal; pump house chimney. The leader brings the group down to the Telford canal and talks to two men dredging it. They cycle to the Engine Arm Aqueduct where he gives them a brief history of Thomas Telford's designs. One of the teenagers talks about the pollution pumped into the air. They end their tour by looking at a lock and the pump house.

Interview with Lester, who has lived in Smethwick for 10 years. Talks about the changes that have happened around Windmill Lane; the lack of facilities for young people; poor living conditions.


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