Jubilee Arts: Sandwell May Day Fireshow; Version 1

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A multimedia community celebration at Victoria Park, Smethwick.





Film type:

Colour / Sound



Master format:

U-matic Lo band


A man plays "Blueberry Hill "on an old piano in a hall as a board is held up to camera - 'Fireshow Scenario' list. Workers sit together talking. The night-time scene - bonfire raging, all this as the piano plays. Stills from the Fireshow workshops - people painting posters etc. (Saturday 5th May Victoria Park, Smethwick on a poster). Organisers talk about the logistics of the show. Kids make firebrands. Young boys and girls dressing up in costumes. More talking about logistics. Musicians practice - jamming session. Making props - bamboo and chicken wire creature formed, kids painting cardboard etc. More stills. Instructions over a loudhailer letting kids know how to act when the 'Monster of Depression and Apathy' appears at the fireshow later. Building a wooden structure.
Stills from the night.


A joint project
Jubilee Community Arts & Cultural Partnerships”

Funded by West Midlands Arts & Sandwell M.B.C.


Edited version