Jubilee Arts: Roseleigh Care Home Residents Interviews

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Interviews with care home residents conducted by Jubilee Arts as part of a project examining life in the care system.





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Sitting in the day room of a care home in Kent an interviewer from Jubilee Arts asks a group of elderly men a series of questions about life in the home. They are asked if residents should be involved in the interview process when new staff are hired. They are asked if they are happy and whether they have many visitors and they talk generally about the problem of isolation. It is felt that the numbers of visits tail off the longer a resident is in the home. They also talk about the problems they faced living at home which led to them moving into care. There is a more general talk about the apparent decline in communities and the interviewer is keen to suggest that care homes should be brought within the community more with the experience of age helping out young people. The interviewer is also critical of the role of television in care homes. Modern care homes are seen in a favourable light compared to the old work house system. Finally there is a discussion on the possibility of setting up a trade union for elderly people.


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