Jubilee Arts: Roseleigh Care Home, John Strickland Interview; Part 2

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Interviews with care home residents conducted by Jubilee Arts as part of a project examining life in the care system.





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U-matic Hi band


(Roseligh Care Home is likely to be in Kent). The tape begins with the continuation of an interview with care home resident John Strickland. He talks about his health and well-being and the difficulties faced by his parents. He is asked if he is optimistic or pessimistic about the future of the world. He leans towards pessimism, talking about Margaret Thatcher and the decline of the working classes. The miners’ strike is mentioned.

We then continue with an interview with a group of men in the home. The first describes the problems he faced in finding a job when he was demobbed after the First World War (he found work delivering liver pills - which causes amusement). They are asked why the residents look as though they are asleep all day, do people feel isolated in care homes and should some form of trade union be set up to fight for the rights for older people. There is also a view that young people do not like to visit even though they could learn from older people.


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