Jubilee Arts: Roseleigh Care Home, John Strickland Interview; Part 1

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An interview with a care home resident conducted by Jubilee Arts as part of a project examining life in the care system.





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Mr Strickland is asked about the Jubilee Arts project which is intended to use art and engagement to improve the quality of life of care home residents. He is asked if it is patronising and suggests that they are "Running very close to it" and asks if the group are using the elderly for their own ambitions. He is asked about the issue with older people 'vegetating' in homes and is critical of the lack of education amongst the older working class and the over reliance on television for recreation (the miners strike is referred to during the talk about class). He talks about people working in the hop fields (his location is likely to be in Kent) and then ending their days in a care home nearby. He likes poetry and prefers to keep to himself but despite being critical of the care system does not want to have the opportunity to have more control in running it (in the form of a residents committee).


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