Jubilee Arts: Rocking at the Red Cow; Extended Footage

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A music workshop where skilled musicians share their experience over the course of a week, culminating in a performance for an audience at the end of the sessions.





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Rocking at the Red Cow
A Music Workshop Week

Musicians jamming and discussing ideas. Trying out a dance together. Teenage girls singing.
Break-dancers at the workshop dancing to various beats. Different styles of music are tried as a group. Dancing in pairs to various styles of music. More jamming. The performance at the Red Cow. The girl from Ipanema. Folk instrumental. Blues song. Group singing. Rapping & breakdancing. Rock & Roll song. Country dancing. Rock & Roll jiving. Calypso music. Everybody very sweaty and happy. Stills from the workshop and the performance.

Extra footage of the live performances, the break-dancers in particular.


A joint project
Jubilee Community Arts
Community Association of West Smethwick
Cultural Partnerships of London

Funded by West Midlands Arts
Arts Council of Great Britain