Jubilee Arts: Jamaica Project: Camera Tapes

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Production material for a project supported by the Sandwell Afro-Caribbean Support Unit and Jubilee Arts.





Film type:

Colour / Sound



Master format:

U-matic Lo band


Tape 01:
Chalk sign held up at beginning of film: 'Cape Junior Training Video. Art Activities 5. Islands'
Group of young multiracial kids (5 / 6 years old approx) sit together in a classroom. Adult tells kids to ignore mic and camera. Teacher asks questions about a story. They start to talk about Jamaica. Art class - Kids talk about getting to the Jamaica - painting and paper mache onto cardboard cut-outs of the island. Kids explore various aspects of the island. Snippet of a teenage boy with a microphone speaking Spanish?, other teenagers sitting around, at the tail of film.

Tape 02:
Young multiracial children sit together in a school hall. A woman asks them questions about towels, toothpaste etc. They do some stretching exercises together. They play a game where the kids pretend they’re going to visit their grandmother in Jamaica. They mime carrying suitcases out the front door, into a taxi and off to the airport. They go through the actions involved in checking in etc. eventually getting on a plane and landing in Jamaica. Organisers discuss the thinking behind the lesson. Snippet of Spanish? teenagers sing a song together.


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Additional info. tape 01: Cape School video. shoot 6 tape 3. 6th Oct '87. Tape 24
Additional info. tape 02: Cape Junior School video. shoot 8 tape 2 . 6th October ‘87. Tape 32