Jubilee Arts: Homeless in Sandwell

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An unedited Jubilee Arts camera tape containing interviews with homeless young men in Sandwell.





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Colour / Sound


Amateur Video

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An interview with Rob, a young homeless man who’s been on the streets for over a year. Rob and his friend are filmed looking at the job vacancy cards at Smethwick jobcentre. An interview with another young homeless man - we don't see this interviewee’s head, filmed from the shoulders down. He talks about the drug problem on the streets, working on the black market to avoid paying tax, how some young people can’t take the pressure of being homeless. Outreach workers and a community service volunteer talk about their work with homeless people in the Smethwick area. An interview with an unemployed homeless builder. Again, the interviewee is filmed from the shoulders down. Joshua, another homeless young man talks about the psychological stress of not getting a job, his plans to go to college.

Shots outside and inside a dilapidated flat complex. Children playing in flats, climbing out windows. Rob and friend are filmed walking on waste ground. Rob and friends indoors - (at an outreach centre?) A Woman talks to them about using condoms. A group of young people listening to a woman talking about good dietary habits; they’re instructed in deep breathing and relaxation exercises.


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