Jubilee Arts: Churchfields Group Interviews, Part 2; Frank Sidebottom

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A group of multiracial teenage girls from West Bromwich talk about cultural representations and shots of Frank Sidebottom in concert, c1989.





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Colour / Sound


Amateur Video

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U-matic Hi band


This is the continuation of an interview that begins on another tape. Standing outside a group of pupils from Churchfields School in West Bromwich are asked a series of questions by an unseen interviewer. They talk about black and Asian representation on television and in films and whether they watch any of the minority programmes which are on BBC2 or Channel 4. The roles offered to black actors are discussed including, why are there no black heroes in films? The remainder of the tape contains a section of a Frank Sidebottom live concert. The musician from Timperley is seen performing on stage in Birmingham. The songs performed include Space is Ace, Greengrocer in the Corner, Anarchy in Timperley and a song for Altrincham football club.


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Tape 76