Jubilee Arts: Care Home Visit; Part 1

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Jubilee Arts care home visits planning meeting; care home residents engage in a singalong.





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Discussions on how to introduce a writing project to older people.
This may have been filmed after the Roseleigh visit? I think the jubilee Arts members are explaining to care staff how they engage with older people. Handing around a booklet, showing them the musical instruments they use, etc.
The Jubilee Arts members sing a song, accompanied by the care staff on musical instruments.
Jubilee staff sit in a room together playing guitar, accordion, tin whistle.
Care home residents in the room now. They’re encouraged to join in with a song called 'I mean to get jolly well drunk'
Some residents play percussion instruments in time to a folk tune.
More discussions
Residents helping to paint a mural entitles 'Working Women'
Jubilee staff rehearsing together


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