Jubilee Arts: Beechdale, Mossley, Dudley Fields: Interviews

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Community events organised by Jubilee Arts at Walsall and Boxwich.





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Colour / Sound



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U-matic Hi band


We open with the Beechdale Summer Celebration held in Walsall on 8 July 1989. Children are seen learning country dancing on a grassy area as an unseen man gives them instructions on a
The next section introduced by a boy who introduces himself as Neil Faulkner. Several children talk to the camera about living in Beechdale. They mention vandalism, hooligans, and bullies. A local shopkeeper is briefly interviewed by a child. We then return to the country dancing including shots of a band playing (who look like Jubilee Arts musicians). Back to the interviews local people talk about the need for more community facilities.

Into the evening the events on the Beechdale estate continue with a shadow puppet show.

The next section shows a similar summer carnival held on the Mossley estate in Bloxwich. Stalls are set up and local people talk to camera about the event. A parade with decorated floats is seen next. Returning to interviews people talk about the benefit to the community in the area (Dudley Fields). At the end of the event as the clean up is underway there are more interviews with stall holders.


No credits specified


Quality is fairly poor. May have been shot on VHS.