Jubilee Arts: Afrofocus Group Music Project, Part 1

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Unedited camera tape shot by Bev Harvey for Jubilee Arts and the Afrofocus Group Music Project in Wolverhampton.





Film type:

Colour / Sound



Master format:

Super VHS


A musician is interviewed in a studio about the Afrofocus project and the role music plays in his life (he mentions being a bass player at one point so this may be Hector Gayle). He is asked about the difficulties faced by black musicians and what barriers are faced by young unsigned musicians. He also talks about the trend for 'slap' lyrics which are degrading to women. The next section is a walking shot into the music studio housed in the Sam Sharpe Project in Wolverhampton (an exterior of the Chubb Building is also seen) and preparations inside the studio for a recording. A voice over for the edited tape follows.


Thanks to Afrofocus Group
Hilda; Eric; Nickolas; Sinbad; Paulette; Wendy; Steve; Pat; Dorothy; Maxine; Paulette; Marva.

Creative Forces:
Clive Brown - Drums & Drum Programme
‘Popeye’ - Keyboards
Mick Desouza - Guitar
Hector Gayle - Bass
‘Bob’ ‘Bubbly’ - Keyboards
Earl Lynch - Salsa Keyboards

Directed by Afrofocus
Camera: Bev Harvey
Camera: Sound Mix Eric
Dub Sound Mix: Hector Gayle
Narrator: Bev Harvey
Edited by Bev Harvey
Produced by Bev Harvey

Tracks recorded at Sam Sharpe Music Project
Engineer : Ian Reid
Studio Mix: Clive Brown

Music written, arranged, performed by Creative Forces
Lyrics written by Afrofocus Group

Thanks for support:
Central Mental Health Team
Birmingham Social Services
Jubilee Arts


The credits appear on this camera tape altough it is not the edited finished production.