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A recruitment video for the National Union of Journalists.





Film type:

Colour / Sound

Master format:

1 Inch Type C


The film includes animations of Steve Bell cartoons.
Journalists describe the benefits of belonging to the National Union of Journalists. A series of Steve Bell cartoon animations, featuring ‘Harry Hardnose’ and ‘Barry Blockhead’ shows a tabloid newspapers’ take on the validity of union rights. Marc Wadsworth, a television journalist talks about the importance of fair and balanced reporting, later touching on his time working at the Daily Mail. He goes on to mention the unions’ Ethics Council and the Campaign for Real People. Charles Wright, a newspaper journalist and union official explains the weight 100% union membership gives him when he talks to management, highlighting pay and conditions. Deidre O’Flaherty, a publishing journalist describes the pitfalls of ‘probationary periods’. Lesley Stephenson, a radio journalist describes her work as an ‘equality officer’ for the chapel.


Thanks to:
Mike Ellis, Deidre O’Flaherty, Patrick Kinsella, Helen Russell, Lesley Stevenson, Marc Wadsworth, Janet Whyatt, Charles Wright

...and the other journalists who helped make this tape…
Picture Post, Broadcast Facilities North, Picturehead, Studio Film Labs, Mag Masters, Bob Godfrey Films Limited, The Barge

Animation Production:
Lynn Anderson, Jean Ashby, John Bennet, Steve Bell, Angela Bristow, Lou Catling, Bridget Colgan-Connor, John Cousen, Kate Cowan, John Challis, Christine Dawe, Wendy Ellis, Lucy Elvin, Jimmy Farrington, Tony Fish, Julian Gibbs, Bob Godfrey, Beryl Godfrey, Jeff Goldner, Sally Grace, Denise Hambry, Malcolm Hartley, Mike Hayes, Peter Hearn, Simon Ward-Horner, The Joeys, Jenny Lecoat, Sarah Malthouse, Simon Moon, Les Newstead, Sidney Parsons, Stephanie Peate, Pat Petronio, Pat Shaveren, Rose Shepheard, Kevin Smith, Rick Villeneuve, Bill Wallis, Roy Watford, Sue Way

Documentary Production:
Trevor Boden, Robbie Burns, Helen Carr, Maggie Ellis, Marian Hall, Roger Kline, Dave Rushton, Jack Shea, Peter Woodhouse, Mike Wools

And our sponsors:
National Union of Journalists
Channel 4

© Animation Characters Steve Bell
A TURC video production
for the NUJ