Joe Smith: Bilston, Ten Pin Bowling and Dudley Canal


Civic Sunday parade in Bilston, ten pin bowling in Wolverhampton and a protest against the closure of the Dudley canal tunnel.





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Colour / Silent


Home Movie

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The reel includes some descriptive inter-titles. 'Civic Sunday 1965, the Mayor of Bilston, Councillor H.A. Humphries'. We see the mayor of Bilston, Harold Humphries, leading a parade in the town which includes marching bands and local scouts and guides. 'Annual Sunday School Festival, Hickman Park, Bilston'. Parade of children including group carrying St Luke's Sunday School banner entering park. This is followed by views of speeches, community singing and a band playing in Hickman Park. The next section shows further views of flower beds in bloom in the park. 'Studio night at the Photographic Club at Bilston'. A series of women sit on chairs to pose for men with cameras, tripods and light meters in a photographic studio. The women sit on plain metal chairs smiling for the camera facing studio lighting. One is encouraged to pose with a cigarette for her pictures. We then see an establishing shot of the Ambassador Bowling Alley in Wolverhampton. Inside bowlers are seen in action on the lanes. A banner promotes the Midlands ten-pin championships held on 13 March 1965. Some of the players visible are from a team from Stirchley. 'The Dudley Tunnel'. The final section shows a group of people in a boat entering the Dudley canal tunnel as part of a protest against its closure. There are several views of the entrance to the tunnel.


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Harold Humphries was the final mayor of Bilston before the borough was abolished and incorporated within Wolverhampton.