Irish Memories: Dr. Maire O’Shea; Tape 03

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An interview with Dr. Maire O’Shea, arrested on 5th January 1985 under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and charged under the Conspiracy Laws.





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Colour / Sound

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U-matic Lo band


Dr. O’Shea details her divorce and losing custody of her children, resulting in her ‘kidnapping’ one daughter and taking her to England. She describes the issues she had with childcare as a single parent and how she would bring her daughter to work with her during school Summer holidays. She talks about going back to Ireland and the kind of work she’d like to do there. She explains the prevalence of Irish nurses in British hospitals. Dr. O’Shea goes on to give her reasons for going back to Ireland, mentioning her wish to get into politics and the need for more political activism there.


A TURC video tape made by Marian Hall
Interview by Patsy Davis


Divorce and Custody
Psychiatric work; Irish staff in hospitals
Political situation in Ireland