Irish Memories: Dr. Maire O’Shea; Tape 02

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An interview with Dr. Maire O’Shea, arrested on 5th January 1985 under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and charged under the Conspiracy Laws.





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Colour / Sound


Trade Union Resource Centre

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U-matic Lo band


Dr. O’Shea talk about racism in Britain, both in the workplace and day to day life. She mentions the Anti-partition League and her membership of ‘The Connolly Association’, a group which supported the aims of Irish Republicanism. She explains the reasons people emigrated from Ireland in the 1930’s, detailing the economy and repressive society of the time. She goes on to describe the lives of migrant workers and lists the factors which influenced women’s emigration.


A TURC video tape made by Marian Hall
Interview by Patsy Davis


00:00 Racism against Irish
10:00 Anti-partition league / Connolly Association
13:00 Women’s Immigration