Family to Family


A Christmas appeal on behalf of the striking miners of Nottinghamshire.





Film type:

Colour / Sound


Nottingham Video Project

Master format:

U-matic Lo band


The appeal is intended for an American audience and opens with the South Nottingham strike co-ordinator Jim Robinson (Cotgrave Colliery) talking to camera about his recent tour of the USA. This is followed by a series of views of picket lines, police road blocks and confrontations between miners and police shot during 1984. We also see a march on behalf of striking miners and there are several vox pop style interviews with supporter of the strike. Striking miner Paul Whetton also talks to camera describing himself as a rank and file miner. There are interviews with the children of striking miners who describe the violence they have seen from the police. The role of women is examined with views of a temporary kitchen set up for the strikers and interviews with the wives of miners who fully support the action. The tape ends with an appeal for donations for Christmas 1984 with an address in Nottingham.


Made by Nottingham Video Project