City of Birmingham Central Areas Redevelopment


The Birmingham central redevelopment project. Slum clearance and new housing developments in the Bath Row, Gooch Street and Duddeston areas of Birmingham.





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Colour / Sound




City of Birmingham Public Works Department

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We see shots of terraced houses included back-to-back properties filmed from the top of St Alban's church tower in Highgate, Birmingham. The panorama also shows factories, warehouses, back yards and children playing in areas planned for redevelopment.

We then see more scenes of Birmingham life prior to redevelopment including children in a school playground and classroom and work in a small engineering factory.

Using maps and diagrams and a voice over the film explains how several areas in Birmingham are to be redeveloped focusing on the Bath Row and Gooch Street areas of the city.

We also see establishing shots of St Alban's Church, the ruins of St Thomas's Church on Bath Row which was badly damaged during a bombing raid in 1940.

Not all of the old terraces are being demolished and we see a street that is being refurbished and improved. We then see the exteriors of new flats, houses and maisonettes in the Bath Row and Duddeston areas that have recently been constructed as well as new premises for P & M Jig and Tool Co. Ltd.


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Five redevelopment areas were designated in Birmingham in 1946: Duddeston and Nechells; Summer Lane; Ladywood; Bath Row; and Gooch Street. On completion of the redevelopment Bath Row was renamed Lee Bank. An early edit for this film also exists which runs an extra ten minutes although much of the extra material is made up of extended sequences without any additional commentary.