Central Choice [The Economy]

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Studio debate prior to the 1987 General Election. This edition looks at the economy.





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Colour / Sound


Central Television

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1 Inch Type C


Programme presented by Andy Craig and Sue Jay. Today's studio audience are from the marginal seat of Cannock and Burntwood. The first item is a look at a new poll that predicts that Labour will increase its majority in the key marginal of West Bromwich East. Andy Craig talks to Roger Iles of Trent Polytechnic about the consequences of this swing.

Next in the studio Reg Harcourt chairs a debate about the economy. Taking part are the Chancellor Nigel Lawson (Conservative); Denis Healey (Labour) and Dick Taverne (Alliance). All three respond to audience questions.

Next on film Kaye Adams reports that this election is the first to allow postal votes from abroad. We see a group of holidaymakers leaving Birmingham by coach cut with clips of Margaret Thatcher and Neil Kinnock campaigning. Interview with Keith Purdom, sales manager for Horizon about their package holiday sales. View inside Horizon call centre. Vox pops at Birmingham Airport with people going away who will miss the election and library pictures of holidaymakers in Spain.

Back in the studio Andy Craig report on a viewers’ poll into personal finance and we then return to the studio debate with the same guests as previously.

Finally Bob Warman rounds up today’s campaign items from Central News: Jon Lander reports from Nottingham on a rally held by the SDP Liberal Alliance which includes a speech from joint leader David Steel. Richard Barnett reports that Labour MP Gerald Kaufman was in the Black Country today where we see him opening a pig sty and visiting a fire station. There is a brief interview with the Conservative MP Leon Brittan who was in Corby. Jon Lander reports from Leicester on efforts to win the black and Asian vote. We see a leafleting campaign organised by Asian community leaders and there are interviews with Sumal Fernando; Keith Vaz (Labour candidate); and John Taylor (Conservative candidate).


Research: Angela Clark; Kevin Dowling; Kay Gordon; David Morgenstern; Ron Olsen; Peter Perks
Senior Cameraman: Rick Shaylor
Vision Mixer: Linda Rampal
Sound Director: John Picken
Lighting Director: Claude Walters
Floor Manager: Pat Napper
Production Assistant: Tracy Lavis
Production Co-ordinator: Pat Harris
News Producer: Owen Smith
Film Producer: Geoffrey Negus
Production: Allister Craddock
Programme Producer: Doug Carnegie
Director: David Millard
Editor: Mike Townson


Production number 1576/87.