Camera in the Streets

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Photographer Janine Wiedel has been awarded a bursary by West Midlands Arts to compile a personal photographic record of the West Midlands.





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Colour / Sound





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We meet photographer Janine Wiedel who describes her project to photograph the West Midlands funded by a bursary from West Midlands Arts. She has decided to begin in Birmingham and is particularly inspired by the down-at-heel industrial area of Aston. We see Janine taking pictures in Birmingham city centre, driving through the city and walking through a subway and taking pictures in the Bullring market. Her transport is a VW van which doubles as a mobile dark-room. We then see her visiting a shop selling canal memorabilia, looking at maps and guidebooks and visiting the library for background information. She then visits Key Hill cemetery in the Jewellery Quarter and is seen arriving at the jewellery firm of Turner and Simpson Ltd. A series of her photos of the firm follows. Janine chats to Elizabeth de Mestre from West Midlands Arts about her progress and we see her looking at contact sheets and working in her home dark-room. After views of Birmingham around Spaghetti Junction we see Janine walking through derelict areas of Aston taking photographs. She visits Wally Crooks Motors, a car repair business that survives amid the dereliction. Wally talks to Janine about his passion for cars. She next meets Terry Grimley, arts editor of the Birmingham Post and then is seen visiting an Aston pub with a group of drop forge workers. After taking their pictures in the pub she visits them at work (Smith's Forgings) and is seen inside the works in a sequence inter-cut with more examples of her photographs. Finally we see Janine walking alongside a canal in the city reflecting on the art of photography.


Camera: Gary Hughes
Sound: Barry Pritchard; Richard King
Editor: John McCarthy
Production Assistant: Janet Peel
Associate Producer: Malcolm Fueurstein
Exectutive Producer: Brian Lewis
Director: Peter Beard