ATV Today: 26.05.1976: National Front in Leicester


Reg Harcourt reports on the growing support for the National Front in Leicester following the local election three weeks earlier.





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The report begins with views of Leicester city centre including the Town Hall. The accompanying voice over explains that more than 14,000 people in Leicester voted for the National Front in the local elections three weeks ago. The right-wing anti-immigrant organisation put up candidates for every seat on the district council and although they didn't actually win any they got 18.5% of the poll. The voice over states that the voting was way above the National Front turnout elsewhere in England and it's been worrying local political leaders ever since. We see Asian people in Leicester and views of housing. Reg Harcourt interviews Leicester Conservative leader, Michael Cufflin; local Labour leader, Reverend Ken Middleton; Asian spokesman Tara Mukherjee. We then see the headquarters of the National Front in Leicester in a house on Fernie Road and Harcourt talks to their local leader Anthony Reed-Herbert. There are also library pictures of a National Front march in Leicester in August 1974. Finally Harcourt talks to Neville Stack, the Editor of the Leicester Mercury newspaper. The report ends with high angle views over housing in Leicester.


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