ATV Today: 24.06.1969: Ladywood By-Election


A preview of the Birmingham Ladywood by-election.





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Black & White / Sound



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We open with mute views of the Ladywood area of Birmingham including new tower blocks and areas for planned redevelopment. Posters for each of the main candidates: Louis Glass (Conservative); Wallace Lawler (Liberal) and Doris Fisher (Labour) and shots of their decorated campaign cars. The audio begins with shots of Doris Fisher talking to people outside a row of shops. She then talks to Mike Reinhold (who is not seen or heard during the report) about local campaign issues. Next we see Louis Glass talking to a woman with her four children outside the welfare centre on Monument Road. He then talks to the camera about the rise in the cost of living and the rise in taxation and borrowing which he blames on the Labour government. Wallace Lawler is seen talking to a woman who has been shopping about the cost of living and he is interviewed about his views. We then see Colin Jordan of the right wing British Movement leaving his house and getting into a car. He talks about his policies of 'Britain for the British' and desire to repeal race relations legislation. Finally we see James Haigh of the Fellowship Party getting out of a car. He talks about his views on defence disarmament. The item ends with further mute views of housing in Ladywood.


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Lawler won the by-election for the Liberals but was defeated by Doris Fisher at the General Election of June 1970.