1st Cut 2000 [West; 2 of 2]

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Paul Ross presents the second of two showcases featuring short films made by first-time filmmakers for the ‘First Cut’ TV series.





Film type:

Colour / Sound



Master format:



2nd of 2 showcases.

Farmer Whiplash
The former ‘Madame Whiplash’ Lindi St. Clair, now a duck farmer, shows us some of the implements she used in her former life. She appears to accidentally shoot the cameraman at the end of the film.

The High Life
An ex drug dealer convinces his friends to leave the city and come for a hike in the Peak District

Norina Villa interviews Justin Edgar, a former First Cut Director, about his new film ‘Large’. He touches on the problems of working with animals, and his approach to working with actors. (Part 2 of a 2 part interview).

Crossing Over
Poetry comparing and contrasting town and country is recited over footage of modern agriculture, art in an art gallery, people in a trendy pub etc.

The S-Bends
A young man looking for his cousin arrives in a city and is enlisted as a driver for local gangsters.
Head titles: 'This story has been created through drama-improvisation workshops with young people who have experienced homelessness’

Members of the public are challenged by a tabloid newspaper to find Lobby Lud, a mystery man, in Birmingham city centre and win £5000. A young boy, in the city for the manhunt decides to help Lobby.

The Hip-Hop Within Us
Spoof music chat show featuring ‘ ‘Jimmy Media (ghetto correspondent)’ and the ‘Birmingham All-Stars’ a local rap band.


Farmer Whiplash:
Photography: Grahame Wickings
Sound: Dave Runciman
Camera Assistant: Tim Jones
Stills Photography: Neil Oseman
Editor: Alex McAllister
Dubbing Mixer: John Catlow
Producer: Anne Marie Carty
Music: Nick Duffy
Directed By: Nick Duffy
Anne Marie Carty
Thanks to Lindi St. Clair
© decoy mm

The High Life:
Andy: Mat Hand
Tony: Johann Myers
Lee: Steve Blackman
Thug #1: Mark Whitely
Dibs: Simon Ellis
Forman: Sam Paterson
Laughing Boy: Tim Cunningham
First Assistant: Director Al Clark
Script Supervisor: Amanda Mundin
Script Consultant: Tim Cunningham
Director of Photography: Roger Knott-Fayle
Camera Assistant: Neil Roberts
Camera Runners: Ben Hardy, Nick Kirk
Sound Recordist: John Arnold
Boom Operator: Owen Gaffney
Art Director: Jayne Harvey
Art Assistant: Tom Hine
Catering: Juliet Line
Runner: Ben Pollard
Offline Editor: Al Clark
Graphics: David Webb
Colourist: Dan Symmons
Sound Sync: Lance Gaunt
On-Line Editor: Lance Gaunt
Post Production Sound: Ian Marriot Smith
Original Music: Owen Gaffney
Additional Music: Steve Blackman
Direction Mentor: Chris Cooke
Line Producer: Steven Shiel
Executive Producer: Intermedia Film & Video (Nottingham) UK
Produced by: Al Clark, Rachel Robey
Written & Directed by Iain Gray
With thanks to: Angell Sound; ARRI Media; Framestore; Derek Constable; Panavision UK; LDV UK; Nottingham Playhouse; Pete & Sylvia Fairey

Crossing Over:
Poet: Patience Agbabi
Camera: Trevor Davis
Sound Recordists: Mary Milton, Peter Gleaves
Offline Editor: Keith Phillips
Online Editor: Nik Hayward
Production Assistant: Hanna-Gael Matheson
Produced & Directed by Barbara Dixon

The S-Bends:
John: Anthony Richardson
Ali: Jono Scott-Shiels
Tony: Ragabal Ballali
Billy: Brian Galloway
Paul: Stuart Johns
Lattania: Hattie Collins
Luke: Damian Jennings
Claire: Gemma Stevens
Jim: Wayne Maher
The production team would like to thank all the extras and drivers who participated in the making of this film
Special Thanks:
To everyone from St. Basils Resettlement Centre, Birmingham; Maverick Television; Sony Entertainment; The Custard Factory; Just Kidding; Sainsburys, Selly Oak; Colliers, Acocks Green; Fonz Leathers; Phil Millership; Gavin Bott; Hilary Jones; Jeremy Collins; Rachel Gill & Master Luke Gandolfi
Writer: Kate Dean
Assistant Producer: Mark Pressdee
Production Assistant: Elizabeth Pinto
1st Assistant Director: Niall Fraser
2nd Assistant Director: Tom McTaggart
Drama Coordinator: Dave Tomalin
Camera Assistant: Jeremy Toogood
Sound Operator: Tim Everett
Sound Assistant: Russell Barnett
Lighting: Steve Hayward, Dave Bell
Lighting Assistant: Stella Davies
Art Department: Jennie Cocking
Make-up: Sue Kimberley
Costume: Colin Rowbottom
Action Driver: Chris Gordon
Editing Facilities: MRH Duplication
Editing Assistant: Heath Rhodes
Dubbing Mixer: Robin Ward
Supported by:
Birmingham City Council
Midlands Media Training Consortium
Media Development Agency for the West Midlands
Central England Screen Commission
Carlton Television
Director of Photography: Jerry Kelly
Editor: Paul Jackson
Executive Producer: Jerry Rothwell
Producer: Katy Connor
Director: Francois Gandolfi
Hi8us Projects Ltd.

Bernie: Stephen Evans
Lobby: Danny Robins
Mum: Claire Downes
Dad: Alan C. Holloway
Kids: Jess Fowler
Jon: Hadley Smith
DJ: Ben Kozo
Camera: David Evans
Camera Assistant: James Laney
Sound: David Baumber
Sound Assistant: Stuart W. Lane
!st AD: Ali Stevens
Prod Assistants: Nel Capadona
Andrew Coath
Runner: Scott Jones
Editor: Samantha Holgate
Online: Daniel Sturley
Original Score: Ben Markland
Composed & performed under the auspices of Birmingham Jazz
Produced by Peter Bullock
Written & Directed by Benjamin A. Kersley

The Hip-Hop Within Us:
Jimmy Media: Andrew Dance
Busta-Fro: Steven Williams
Vanilla Chadee: Liam Sweeney
Peaches Syrona: Marie Nelson
Cream: Samantha Lee
Apache: Amin Mohammed
Police Officer: David Knowles
Shopkeeper: Ashley Andrews
Itasha J. Honeythan
Da twinz’ Loveena & Lovette
Ms Jamelia
Ms Shelly
Strict Flow
Moorish Delta
Production Crew:
Writer / Director: Shaun Michaels
Producer: Suzanne Perry
Marketing Coordinator: Juanita
Production Manager: Ms Katherine
Music Coordinator: Cipher
Cameraman: Carl Thomas
Lights: Curtis Norville
Sound: Mr Marcus
Casting Director: Lloyd Williams
Technical Assistance: Ben Rogers, Amirah Abdi
Martial Arts Choreographer: Kash da Flash
Editor: George Francis
Mentor: Mark Presley
Thanx 2:
Galaxy Radio Station; VK Vodka; Odeon; Royal Mail Birmingham; Flash Promotions; Jubilee Arts; The Bar; West Midlands Travel; New St. Station; Action Vehicles; South Birmingham College (524 Media Centre); Aquila Editing; The Drum; Goldmine Studios; Seven Entertainment; Punch Records; T Singh

Tail Credits:
Presented by Paul Ross
Partners in First Cut:
West Midlands Arts
East Midlands Arts
Southern Arts
Birmingham City Council; Economic Development
Media Development Agency for the West Midlands Ltd.
Intermedia Film & Video (Nottingham) Ltd.
Camera: Claude Walters, Paul Rudge
Sound: Rebecca Morgan, Pat Fenelon
Graphic Design: Amanda Robinson
VT Editor: Gary Roberts
Executive Producer: Kevin Johnson
Editor: Beverley Colledge-Bell
Producer Karen Davies
A Carlton Production