Donate to MACE

Our ambition is for you to be able to view all of the titles held by MACE on our website but we are a long way from that and need your help to achieve it.  

The process of preparing, copying and cataloguing moving image materials is a time consuming and expensive business. Whilst we receive some public funding an increasingly large proportion of the money that supports our work has to be self-generated. And, so far, we haven't been able to raise enough money to begin a process of systematic copying. For that we need more skilled staff time and specialist equipment and for that we need more money!

If you love film and value the amazing contribution it can make to understanding our history, we invite you to make a donation, and help us to safeguard and share the Midlands' moving image heritage. A donation, however large or small, makes all the difference.

  • £5 buys two preservation grade film cans
  • £50 funds the transfer of 10 minutes of film 
  • £500 buys a year's software subscription for film preservation
  • £5,000 funds the maintenance of specialist film viewing equipment for a year
  • £50,000 funds the salary of a film archivist for two years

Please donate through PayPal Giving Fund or contact Lara - and don't forget that if you are a UK tax payer MACE can receive an additional 25p for every £1 donated - please download and complete the form below.  

Thank you!

Gift Aid Form