Watin na Lassa Project?

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The 'Lassa Fever Education Project’ in Sierra Leone. Jubilee Arts.





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Painted signs: The Lassa Education Workshop presents 'Watin na Lassa Project?'
A narrator explains the aims of ‘The Lassa Fever Education Project’ in Sierra Leone. We hear kids singing and see a Shadow Play. A doctor explains basics of the disease and shows the camera the rat like animal responsible for spreading it. A nurse talks about trapping the animals. Health workers wash their gloves. We see doctor Larry Parker on the wards and tests for antibodies in patients. The distribution of the disease is explained. David Cummings, visiting researcher from the Middlesex in London tests the hearing of a former patient. We hear from Jacqui Barnes, project administrator. We see staff deal with contaminated waste. Dr. Jenny Gibson and Dr. Conti do ward rounds. A trip to Freetown to bring supplies. A public health worker talks about outreach work. We visit The Holy Ghost Secondary School in Segbwema where the head teacher gives his support to the programme. A local maths teacher who helps with project, The Chief of Segbwema and a bank manager talk about the scheme. Students form a Lassa and Aids education society. We meet Martin Banna - a public health worker, part of a community outreach program. Badly hit village. Kenema Laboratory. Musicians sing about Aids. An adult sex education class, with lots of laughing. Female choir. Dance celebration. Joe Aleo - a patient who made a dramatic recovery from Lassa fever. Beer inhibits platelet function. Nixon laundry space. Planning for drama about Lassa fever. Footage of opening of new Lassa wards. Drama Performance. Aims for health workers


Thanks to all the Lassa Team,
The Nixon Memorial Hospital, Segbwema
Holy Ghost Secondary School
Wesley School
Chief Jimmy Jajua IV
Mr & Mrs Combe (for the use of their video and monitor)
& James Kanu (for the use of his)
Des from M.R.C.
Bo, for the use of the V8 Camera
Bunumbu Teacher’s College
The Peje Baoma drama group
the Lassa Education Young People’s Workshop
and everybody else featured on this video.