Sharpe: Bomber car racing at Long Eaton Stadium


Bomber car racing at Long Eaton Stadium in the summer of 1970.



Film type:

Colour / Silent


Home Movie

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The film begins with shots of 'banger' racing cars at Long Eaton Stadium. Next we see shots of a man tying a scarf around a driver's face before the start of a race. The driver waves to camera as they drive to the track. This is followed by a number of bomber car races held on different days. The first is held on a wet day and the cars have to cope with huge quantities of water no the track. The rest are much drier but still full of incidents. Some cars have names painted on them including 'Flyer', 'Doctor Death' and 'Cannon Ball-Ray'. The racing features numerous crashes, a car on fire, drivers leaving the track after crashing and damaged cars being towed from the circuit.


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